"Keeps your tee where it is supposed to be"

NeverLostGolf for sale now in Golf USA store

Now purchase the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver at Golf USA Niederrhein
The NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ is now for sale at the Golf USA (Niederrhein) store. Immediately after being introduced to the NeverLostGolf ™ Tee Saver, the owner of the store (Dietmar Olbert) knew that he had a winning product in his hand. “There is no doubt that the NeverLostGolf ™ Tee Saver does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do, and that is to save you time energy and money by keeping your wooden golf tee where it should be”. Mr. Olbert has become such an instant fan of the NLG Tee Saver, that he has immediately installed it in his state of the art inside video driving range where all customers are invited to go to the store to try it first before they buy it.

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