"Keeps your tee where it is supposed to be"

2012 begins NLG's "Green" campaign

2012 sees the beginning of the NeverLostGolf "Going Green" campaign
NeverLostGolf has decided that 2012 will be the year of letting every golfer know that by using a NeverLostGolf Tee Saver that they are actually helping Mother Nature and the enviornment. That's because when a golfer uses a NeverLostGolf Tee Saver, that golfer is 15 to 30% less likely to break a "wooden" golf tee. And since the game of golf has been originally invented to use a natural wooden golf tee as a fundamental part of the golf game, the breakage of less golf tees through the use of the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver can add up to a significant number of wooden golf tees not being broken world-wide. This then translates into saving trees in endangered forests all around the world. "Tee Savers / Saves Trees" is our slogan. We are proud to be doing our part to help save a most valuable resourse. Do your part too by using a NeverLostGolf Tee Saver.

NeverLostGolf Tee Savers Save Trees.  We are going green.