"Keeps your tee where it is supposed to be"

NeverLostGolf puts its "Going Green" actions to work

“Tee Savers Saves Trees !!!” ….. Not only is this a “catchy” slogan, it is factual in reality. The NeverLostGolf Tee Saver reduces the breakage of a normal wooden golf tee up to 30% of the time that our Tee Saver is used. Less broken golf tees, translates into less trees in our fragile world’s forest’s being cut down to create more golf tees. Furthermore, in keeping with its “Going Green” commitment, NeverLostGolf has reduced its paper consumption / usage by reducing substantially the paper weight used for its packaging to single order customers. “We are now using 200 gram paper for our packaging instead of the heavier 250 gram weight paper” says the company CEO. “We have determined that we could do more in saving environmental resources by reducing our paper product intake with our packaging because people normally will not keep the paper based packaging, and in most cases only look at it once or twice before throwing it away”. So now our single order customers will notice a lighter more flexible packaging instead of the heavier weighted paper that is normally used for hanging or standing displays in retail stores and pro shops.