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Question #1

Is it legal to use the NeverLostGolf tee saver in an official golf tournament?

Question #2

Is the NeverLostGolf tee saver safe to use on golf courses?

Question #3

Sometimes it is difficult to take the golf tees out of the NeverLostGolf tee saver. Is there an easier way to exchange golf tees in and out of the NeverLostGolf tee saver?

Question #4

I am having a hard time using the NeverLostGolf tee saver on the driving range. Am I doing something wrong???

Question #5

Does NeverLostGolf offer any type of guarantee with the NeverLostGolf tee saver?

Question #6

Where can I purchase NeverLostGolf?

Question #7

How do I contact you if I have any questions concerning NeverLostGolf that are not answered in your FAQ's?

Question #8

I use longer golf tees for my oversize head driving club, is NeverLostGolf compatible with longer size golf tees?

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